tito 0.6.10

tito 0.6.10 was tagged and built this morning, brought to you almost entirely by the newest tito committer skuznets. Changelog Do not undo tags when git state is dirty (skuznets@redhat.com) Parse options in tito init (skuznets@redhat.com) Only use rpmbuild --noclean if it is supported (skuznets@redhat.com) Explicitly define indicies in formatting statements (skuznets@redhat.com) Achieve quiet output from rpmbuild without passing --quiet (skuznets@redhat.com) Update the MANIFEST.in (skuznets@redhat.com) Correctly pass verbosity options through the builder CLI (skuznets@redhat.

tito 0.6.9

I’ve just pushed a release of tito 0.6.9 with the following changes: Simplified version and release update logic (skuznets@redhat.com) Added --use-release flag for tito tag (skuznets@redhat.com) Fix typos/errors in man pages (lsedlar@redhat.com) Explain how automatic tagging was done (msuchy@redhat.com) Add support for bumping version for Cargo projects (sehnoutka.martin@gmail.com) Right now this is available in my Copr repo, and builds are on their way for Fedora and EPEL. My thanks to all who contributed patches!