Zero Downtime Upgrades With Openshift Ansible

A large portion of my time on the OpenShift team has been spent working on cluster lifecycle improvements, particularly in the realm of upgrades. Throughout this work we’ve been targeting the ability to upgrade clusters without requiring application downtime. I recently took some time to demonstrate that we can hit that target, please check out the results on the OpenShift Blog: Zero Downtime Upgrades With OpenShift Ansible

December 20, 2016

Containerized OpenShift Clusters And Openshift-Ansible

I had a moderately large PR land recently for openshift-ansible that was the result of our on-going efforts to start improving the experience for fully containerized OpenShift clusters. It sounds like this is the desired path forward in upstream Kubernetes and in my own testing it really feels like this is a much more convenient way to install, run, and upgrade a cluster, so I’m hopeful this post might help encourage some others to start thinking about this deployment type....

July 21, 2016