kcp: Kubernetes Without Nodes and Why I Care

Nodes? Where we're going, we don't need.... nodes. (what if kube was just the API that could talk to anything?) prototype and call to ideate at https://t.co/XCv3iCd0rI — Clayton Coleman (@smarterclayton) May 5, 2021 Earlier this week Clayton Coleman presented Kubernetes as the Hybrid Cloud Control Plane as a keynote at KubeCon EU 2021, and revealed the kcp prototype. kcp is exploring re-use of the Kubernetes API at a higher level to orchestrate many different workloads and services across the hybrid cloud....

May 8, 2021

An Introduction to the Kubernetes Operator Pattern (YouTube)

Earlier this year I did a short talk for Halihax, a local technology community, providing an introduction to the Kubernetes operator pattern. This was my first attempt at giving any kind of a talk (outside of demos at work), but hopefully it will prove useful to someone out there.

November 11, 2020

When Not to Write a Kubernetes Operator

The Kubernetes Operator Pattern has a lot of appeal and I’ve led a team that has written and maintained several over the past three years. We’ve learned a few things in the process and I wanted to write up some thoughts around when you shouldn’t be writing an operator. ...

September 12, 2020 · Devan Goodwin


Two years since a post here is pretty abysmal. Not so coincidentally my last post was just around the time I was asked to lead a new OpenShift team being formed to build a project that would power OpenShift Dedicated, our managed Kubernetes offering at Red Hat. Our project was intended to provide an API to drive the provisioning/deprovisioning/reshaping of OpenShift clusters. Originally it was called Cluster Operator and essentially wrapped the Ansible playbooks we used for everything in OpenShift 3....

November 17, 2019

Experimenting with a Personal Fedora Atomic and OpenShift Origin Server

Last weekend I decided to play around with my old workstation that’s just been sitting around powered off for years now, mostly replaced by a RaspBerry Pi3 which handles most of my home network and storage. The workstation is from around 2009, isn’t particularly fast but has 6GB of RAM and doesn’t consume much power if you yank the video card. I have a small Rails 4 app running as a backend for one of my Android pet projects, and thought it might be fun to repurpose this machine to host it on OpenShift....

September 17, 2017