Sunrise After The Storm

With a storm coming through during the night, conditions looked interesting for sunrise out at Peggy’s Cove, cloud transitioning to sun, and the swell expected to be somewhere in the 7-10 foot range. I decided to haul myself out of bed at 5:30am and try to be there to see if something would happen. Fourty-five minutes of driving, two hours of hiking, and 700 photos later, I think I can say it was worth it.

Moody Cranberry Cove Sunset Waves

Amazing clouds hung around all day, only to disappear as I drove out for sunset. There wasn’t a lot of light once I arrived, but still some moody skies and nice crashing waves.

Dead Center of Town

An outing with a local camera club to historic Camp Hill Cemetary in the center of Halifax NS.

River in Fall

Saying Goodbye to Summer

Just a cell phone snap I really love.

Unbreakable Tree

A tree that refuses to die even after being half split in two and multiple hurricanes.

Surfers and Sunset at Lawrencetown Beach

Undoubtedly one of the best nights of the year. My wife and I went out to Lawrencetown Beach for sunset to find not only that the ever present fog was mostly lifted, but it was warm and vibing and absolutely beautiful.


Sunset Explorer at Peggy's Cove

A very rare catch at Peggy’s Cove, primarily because you virtually never would be able to isolate just one subject with how popular this place is. We spend a beautiful May evening here on the rocks with family and it was well worth the trip.

Blomindon Viewer

Regal Poodle

Our dog looking particularly regal infront of the lighthouse at Cape Forchu NS.

Ship in the Mist

Starting off the new year with beautiful fog on the Bedford waterfront.