A quick note on how to use with Hugo, including pipelines and overrides. From my limited experience it looks like overriding bulma variables is essential to getting your site to look the way you want, especially for color. Pull bulma into your project. I did this with npm, you can just download and drop somewhere in your project as well, but you’ll need to adjust a path in the last step.

For my work on OpenShift I wanted a way to use my local workstation as a test cluster with vms for a master and multiple nodes. Ideally it would be possible to quickly teardown and rebuild the whole cluster, but I also want reliable hostnames (and IPs) across each rebuild. This post outlines a way to do this with Fedora (25 as of writing) and Vagrant. The key to getting Fedora configured such that the hostnames and DNS will work is this post by Dominic Cleal.