Personal Projects

tito: An open source packaging/release tool for rpm based projects using git.

NetWorth: An Android app for financial tracking/planning.

Hotlaps: An Android app for racing sim geeks who like to log hotlaps.

Work Projects

Sippy: Web application for automated monitoring/investigation of Kubernetes Prow CI signal.

OpenShift Hive: API driven provisioning, deprovisioning, reshaping and config management for OpenShift clusters. (2017-present)

OpenShift: Red Hat’s PAAS built on Kubernetes and Docker.

Candlepin: The entitlement server and RHEL client (subscription-manager) that powers Red Hat’s subscription system in customer portal and Satellite 6. (2009-2015)

Spacewalk: Free and open systems management. (2008-2009)


ArgoCD Few small contributions to ArgoCD and helped with the implementation of ApplicationSet which we hope will be in the core someday.

Kubernetes A few pull requests in the early days of work on kubeadm.