I Wrote Some Javascript, It Wasn't Horrible

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This is going to be painful to write. Like many, I’ve sat back and watched the world go mad. I’ve always thought of Javascript as an ugly, awkward, ill-suited language for disabling buttons on websites that somehow accidentally became the most popular language in the world . I subscribed to the belief that it broke the web with bloated webUIs doing unnatural things, it behaves completely unpredictably , it spread to the server like a virus , it took over my window manager , and now it’s starting to take over mobile as well.

NetWorth 1.8

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I’ve just uploaded a v1.8 release of NetWorth , my personal finance / net worth tracking / budgeting app for Android. NetWorth 1.8 Fancy Graphing Changes in v1.8 Replaced the graphing library used previously with MPAndroidChart . Graphs now look a lot better, and support a variety of touch gestures which ultimately expose a lot more information. During a future projection, per-account data points are now captured. These can be viewed as a graph or a list by tapping the account within the projection balances list, as well as the budget items that affected the account during this projection, and by how much.

NetWorth 1.7

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Happy New Year! Here’s NetWorth 1.7 . NetWorth is my Android app for keeping tabs on your finances and projecting into the future by combining this data with a budget. (more details on the Play Store listing) New in 1.7: Store the expected balances with each (new) snapshot (as per your budget), and display the delta between actual and expected when viewing a snapshot. (will graph this performance against budget in the future) Allow comparing snapshot to expected.