Kubeadm (Alpha) Security Trade-Offs

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With Kubernetes 1.4 sig-cluster-lifecycle released an alpha of kubeadm , a new utility we’ve been working on to make cluster bootstrapping as simple as possible for new users, but also provide tooling and infrastructure that can be used for production clusters. The initial goal was simple, install the bits (now delivered via new OS packages), one command to create a cluster: 1 $ kubeadm init And one very short command to copy and paste to join nodes to the cluster:

NetWorth 1.10

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I’ve just uploaded a v1.10 release of NetWorth , my personal finance / net worth tracking / budgeting app for Android. Changes in v1.10 When viewing a projection you can now see how each budget item influenced your net worth over this period of time. Display of budget totals in projections is now sorted and color coded. Add new pre-seeded projection dates for 1, 2, and 6 months into the future.

Containerized OpenShift Clusters And Openshift-Ansible

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I had a moderately large PR land recently for openshift-ansible that was the result of our on-going efforts to start improving the experience for fully containerized OpenShift clusters. It sounds like this is the desired path forward in upstream Kubernetes and in my own testing it really feels like this is a much more convenient way to install, run, and upgrade a cluster, so I’m hopeful this post might help encourage some others to start thinking about this deployment type.