Fetching The Latest Git Hash For A Branch With Ansible

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I’m currently working on an Ansible role to deploy an application to OpenShift. My application template uses a BuildConfig with a dockerStrategy, so when a build is run it runs against a remote git repo and branch. I wanted my role to ensure that the current deployed application is up to date with the git branch, so we can push changes to that branch and whenever ansible runs it will know to reprocess the template, triggering a new build and deployment.

NetWorth 1.11

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I’ve just uploaded a v1.11 release of NetWorth , my personal finance / net worth tracking / budgeting app for Android. This is a pet project, just modelling how I thought and have learned about personal finance and retirement planning. I was hoping to do a grand 2.0 release but as ever time evaporates and I couldn’t quite get there yet. However I did manage to find some time for a lot of nice improvements and figured it was worth pushing them out until I get working on it again.

Reverse Proxying to Docker Containers with Nginx

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On my personal VPS I host a handful of websites accessed from a variety of domains and sub-domains, as well as a few more involved webapps such as tt-rss . Historically applications that cross multiple programming languages and databases have been a terrible pain to deploy and keep running on a private server, but since containers have arrived this has become a lot easier. On my server, I wanted to have a web server listening on the standard http/https ports proxying traffic for a variety of sites and applications, based on the domain/sub-domain in the request.