I’ve got a thing for cars. Here’s my history.

2011 Subaru WRX (2011 - 2018)

The WRX was my first really special car. Spartan interior and a pretty terrible manual feel, but she laughed at snow, looked and sounded great, struck a nice balance between sporty and comfort, and was a terrific family car that was still a lot of fun. I miss it every single time it snows.

Don’t ask…

She survived.

2018 BMW M240i (2018 - present)

I fell in love with the E46 BMW M3 in the mid-2000s but was a long way from being able to afford one. In 2018 I finally was in a position where I was comfortable to start looking into a entry level sporty BMW. This was nearly an M2 (and might one day be replaced by one) but I ended up opting for the more toned down, comfortable, and substantially more affordable 2 Series.

This one is manual and RWD. The manual has a dramatically better feel than my Subaru, and a much nicer although fairly basic interior. It was a huge jump in driving enjoyment and yet still remains a decent family car, we can still pile our son and dog into the back and use this for all of our outings.