tito 0.6.10

tito 0.6.10 was tagged and built this morning, brought to you almost entirely by the newest tito committer skuznets.


  • Do not undo tags when git state is dirty (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Parse options in tito init (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Only use rpmbuild --noclean if it is supported (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Explicitly define indicies in formatting statements (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Achieve quiet output from rpmbuild without passing --quiet (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Update the MANIFEST.in (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Correctly pass verbosity options through the builder CLI (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Use correct print-formatting directive in debugging (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Use .format() string formatting correctly in Builder (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Refactor rpmbuild invocation for readability (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Added --quiet and --verbose to tito build (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Add a Travis CI manifest (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Only flush output stream if flushing is supported (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Added support for choosing platforms for tests (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Refactored version->tag mapping logic in Tagger (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Improved debugging for RPM build step (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Print command debugging information only once (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Flush output buffers (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Document tito tag --use-release in the manpage (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Added an option to not escalate privileges on tito build --install (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Factor out the version->tag mapping in the Builder (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Collapse tagger class selection logic (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • Rename globalconfig section to buildconfig in README (skuznets@redhat.com)
  • fixes #29 - remove –list-tags and –only-tags (jmrodri@gmail.com)
  • 253 - print cmd info when –debug is supplied (jmrodri@gmail.com)
  • Work around dnf issues and install builddep for Rawhide (skuznets@redhat.com)

Additionally thanks to Steve, we now have travis running our slightly neglected multi-platform docker test suite against master and all PRs.

Builds are available now in my Copr repo, and are on their way for Fedora and EPEL.

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