I am Devan Goodwin, a principal software engineer at Red Hat and amateur nature photographer.

I currently work on OpenShift and Kubernetes. I’ve been at Red Hat for over a decade and in the past, worked on projects such as Spacewalk/Satellite, Candlepin, Subscription Manager, and Tito.

My code can be found on GitHub.

This site is predominantly just a place to self-publish my photography now. I’ve long wanted to take up the hobby, but after the pandemic gave me a newfound appreciation for the outdoors, I decided to finally pick up a camera and try to capture some of it. Currently shooting with a FujiFilm X-T4.

I’ve about had it with silicon valley social media megacorps making us all hate each other, and wanted a place to independently publish. The front page of this site displays my portfolio, and the photography section shows all of my uploaded adventure posts. Images link to posts which may contain a gallery or a single image and sometimes some details on whatever adventure is depicted. This is made possible by a theme I’ve been working on for Hugo that is currently called Photoblogger. (but it’s not really ready for general purpose use yet)

I also have a thing for cars.

You can find me on the Fediverse, at present I’m mostly just posting photography on @dgoodwin@pixelfed.social (which you can follow from Mastodon if you’d like, which is very cool), but I also have a generic Mastodon account at @dgoodwin@hachyderm.io.

I can be reached via email at dgoodwin@rm-rf.ca.