Buying A Used Thinkpad T470s

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I’ve generally been a desktop guy for most of my life, but since unboxing a X1 Carbon (pictured left) from work last year, I’ve been falling in love with Thinkpads. I’d had an X230 back around 2011 which was a great piece of hardware, ran Linux like a dream, but it was relatively thick and heavy with a very dim display. I ended up going back to a desktop workstation for it’s replacement.

Becoming Less Reliant on Google: Location, Browser, Search

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One of my new year’s resolutions is to be less reliant on Google by this time next year. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, I’m sure many others do as well once we realize what’s involved and why those services are free. However it requires time, maybe in some cases money, and most of all a loss of functionality because there’s no denying Google builds great stuff. In the end I’m generally just complacent and end up accempting the warm embrace of slick free services harvesting every possible detail about me to power advertising.


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Two years since a post here is pretty abysmal. Not so coincidentally my last post was just around the time I was asked to lead a new OpenShift team being formed to build a project that would power OpenShift Dedicated , our managed Kubernetes offering at Red Hat. Our project was intended to provide an API to drive the provisioning/deprovisioning/reshaping of OpenShift clusters. Originally it was called Cluster Operator and essentially wrapped the Ansible playbooks we used for everything in OpenShift 3.