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Do I Really Need a House?

These are a few shots from a Porsche owners meetup in Halifax with some absolutely stunning cars on the lot. Star of the show was the white and green 911 that looks strikingly like a 911 R, a limited run with a manual transmission at a time that many thought would be the last manual 911 of that calibre. As a result, these were selling for close to a million dollars for a period of time. Reportedly the owner wanted a 911 R but they couldn’t get him one. This is a GT3 touring speced to instead look almost exactly like an R, up to an including the manual which I suspect was brought back thanks to the the demand for the R. A stunningly beautiful car among many others on the lot on this date. This was the kind of day that makes you wonder, do I really need a house? ...

September 17, 2022

Hurricane Earl Swell at Lawrencetown Beach Ns

My son and I made the trek out to Lawrencetown Beach to checkout the waves from Hurricane Earl which passed by well offshore. Lawrencetown is probably the most popular surf spot in NS, but is often encased in fog and quite cold. On this particular day however we caught 25 C temperatures and beautiful sunshine, along with a parking lot jam packed to an extent we’ve never seen. We didn’t go equipped to swim, I foolishly assumed it was too dangerous. On arrival however we found these beautiful waves, warm water, and hundreds of people having the time of their lives. Before long my kid was soaked and we were driving home in wet shorts. Worth it. I really struggled to shoot photos in these conditions and made things worse on myself by playing with film simulations that messed up my white balance in ways that were hard to correct in post. Apologies for the odd greenish tint in some of these, but I thought the subjects were still worth posting. ...

September 10, 2022

Prospect NS

A few shots from a somewhat overcast walk along the coast in Prospect NS. ...

August 12, 2022

Martinique Beach Summer Sunset

Spent a lot of my week off watching the fog out here on satellite, hoping for it to clear enough to get out for a beach day or photo walk. Last day of my vacation I took the gamble. The fog was just offshore enough to let the sun through, and enough blowing in to make for some nice haze. 12 degrees colder than the city though. ...

August 7, 2022

A Sunset Swim


August 3, 2022