Tito 0.4.6 Released

New version of tito released today, features and fixes are as follows:

  • Specify "builder.test = 1" in any releasers.conf target to release "test" builds. This is only really useful if you're doing a nightly build and would rather not have to constantly tag releases. i.e.
    releaser = tito.release.YumRepoReleaser
    builder = tito.builder.MockBuilder
    builder.mock = fedora-16-x86_64
    builder.test = 1
    rsync = fedorapeople.org:/srv/repos/dgoodwin/tito-devel/fedora-16/x86_64/
  • A new "speedup" builder argument is available for the mock builder. If you're doing repeated builds in mock, you can add this option to skip mock init and add some --no-clean options resulting in drastically faster builds. (for one of our GTK projects a build went from just under 8 minutes to about 15 seconds)

    Example: tito build --builder mock --builder-arg mock=epel-6-x86_64 --rpm --test --builder-arg=speedup

  • Added support for customizable changelog formats. See man 5 tito.props for details.
  • The error when /tmp/tito does not already exist has been fixed.
  • Fixed intermittent errors with rsync permissions during a yum repo release.

Thanks John Eckersberg, Jesus Rodriguez, and Michael Stead for their help with the above.

0.4.6 can be obtained from this yum repo. Fedora builds will be available shortly.