Tito 0.3.2 Released

Just bundled up a long overdue release of Tito. (a build tool for RPM based projects using git.)

Changes include:

  • Initial support for submitting builds through Fedora Git to all configured branches.
  • Added support for bugzilla ID extraction from commit messages when generating a build system commit message.
  • Added --dry-run option for building releases.
  • Optional emails in changelog.
  • Prompt to optionally modify CVS/git build system commit messages.
  • Added --list-tags option to build command.
  • Improved error reporting when spec file has errors.
  • Added manpages for both CLI and config file. (except on EL5)
  • Fixed several missing dependencies.
  • Many other bugfixes.

There is more documentation than previously (see man pages as well as README.mkd, but docs are split between both spots and need to be merged. Some items remain undocumented. I hope to address this for the next release. If in doubt, stop by #tito on freenode.

Release is available via:

Thanks to Miroslav Suchý, Jesus Rodriguez, Lukas Zapletal, Mike McCune, Paul Morgan, and Marian Csontos for their contributions during this release!