Tito 0.2.0

Tito is a build tool for rpm based projects using git to help with tagging releases, building sources and rpms reliably, deploying test code as rpms, patching and building a downstream git project against some upstream, and building releases via Fedora CVS and Koji. For more information please see the main project page.

Changes in 0.2.0:

  • Added tito tag --undo.
  • Build test rpms with shorter filenames that can be easily upgraded.
  • Added option to auto-install rpms after build.
  • Added option to pass custom options to rpmbuild.
  • Added tito-dev script to run directly from source.
  • Better output after tagging.
  • Display rpms built on successful completion.
  • Bump versions in setup.py during tagging if possible.
  • Added lib_dir setting for custom taggers/builders.
  • Allow restricting build to a minimum version of tito.
  • Remove check for changelog with today's date when tagging.
  • Allow user to specify an changelog string for new packages.
  • Allow tito to understand package names with macros in the spec.

Tito is available for download from the main project page.

Builds are also currently available in Fedora testing (yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install tito), karma would be appreciated! (F13 F12 EL5)

Thanks to Jesus Rodriguez, Miroslav Suchy, and Mike Mccune for their contributions this release!